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How will HiHi help your business?

Contact and call management

Every aspect of HiHi has been crafted with usability as the key focus. That focus is especially noticeable in the phone book and quick calling functions. Simply click the “Find” button at the top left of your screen, begin typing and the phone will immediately bring up contacts matching your search. With live contacts, you’ll also immediately see if they’re available for a call or need you to pick up, helping you to manage your business more efficiently.

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Face-to-face comms

HiHi is a fully combined communication system that helps you retain a strong business position through effective collaboration and increased productivity. We are committed to providing the best business phone – one that is essential to all communications. With HiHi, you can now truly see how your customers feel, build rapport with them and make their lives more convenient. You have their undivided attention and, more importantly, they know you have theirs. It’s almost as if you’re right there, except the handshake is done with a smile. Be the company that is a step beyond your competitors and engage your customers beyond the norm.

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Easily accessible call history & favourites

We’ve been in the UK telecoms market for over 17 years, which has helped us build a wealth of knowledge with which to develop our own phone. This knowledge and experience led us to create an easily accessible favourites list, which is found on your home screen, alongside a quickly accessible call history that lets you return any calls you may have missed and add contacts quickly and easily in the process.

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Mobile applications

Thanks to our mobile application, HiHiConnect, HiHi allows you to see more of what is really being said. With HiHiConnect, even if someone in your team is out of office you can still hold a video call with them, so you are always connected. We’re amongst the first in the UK to offer video communications to all of our customers, enabling us to provide you with a more communicative business environment.

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Visual voicemail

We know you’re probably familiar with having voicemail on your phone, which means you will also have been left frustrated by its limitations. Have you ever heard somebody leave you a number, but had to listen to the entire message again to capture it? With HiHi’s voicemail, you can track through the message via our touchscreen, making it far easier to listen back to crucial information.

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Missed call alert and voicemail. See and scroll visual voicemail and get notified immediately on HiHi.

Easily manageable call history and favourites. Improve communication workflow – no more looking for numbers.

Visual Quick Call forwarding and divert feature: make sure your business is managed in one tap.

Simple contact management. Live availability feature. See who is free, on a call or needs you to pick up in one tap.

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