HiHi is designed to improve the way you do business and nothing shows that better than our range of applications.

We've taken old favourites such as Voicemail and Call Recording and improved them to make them more useful in day-to-day business. Explore our suite of applications below and discover how HiHi can help your business communicate more effectively.


We know you’re probably familiar with having voicemail on your phone, which means you will also have been left frustrated by its limitations.  Have you ever heard somebody leave you a number, but had to listen to the entire message again to capture it?  With HiHi’s voicemail, you can track through the message via our touchscreen, making it far easier to listen back to crucial information. 

Call recording

One of the keys to business success is having access to information to help you improve the way you work, which is why we’ve included Call Recording as standard with every HiHi.  Being able to listen back to your employees' calls helps you to ensure you are meeting your expected levels of customer service and also allows you to listen back to customer calls to settle any disputes.  Using our platform, you can also download calls and send them to your customers, if you so wish.

Call reporting

Call statistics are another of the key pieces of information that can help you improve your business. You can clearly see where the call traffic bottlenecks are and arrange ways to improve them.  You can also see who in each team is answering the most calls, spending the most time on each call and where calls are being transferred to so that you can improve your call flow.